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Employment and Discrimination Advice

The Law Centre provides free, independent advice on employment and discrimination matters. We cannot advise employers, landlords or service providers. We can advise on all areas of discrimination law including:

We can also provide representation at court and tribunals in appropriate cases if resources allow.

Our service covers Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Somerset.

We have a Legal Services Commission contract to provide specialist Legal Help on disability discrimination in goods and services across the whole of the South West. We also have a Legal Services Commission contract to provide specialist Legal Help in employment law.

If you need advice and want us to consider your case please telephone us. If we cannot help we can signpost to other services if necessary.

Our 'Draft Strategy for Taking on Cases Under EHRC Funding', shown at the bottom of this page, is how we decide what cases to take on.

Click here for a list of papers to bring to the Law Centre when seeking Employment Advice.

How to contact us - Employment matters

How to contact us - Discrimination in goods, services, facilities and housing

Fax: 0117 9248020
Minicom: 0117 9245573

Other useful websites

Please note that we cannot vouch for the content of these external websites.

Direct Gov. This website provides an introduction to to employment and discrimination law and legal aid, and contains information about how to get help or find an adviser.

Equality and Human Rights Commission The EHRC has a statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across all the strands of discrimination. Contains pages of advice and resources to be used by claimants who are considering whether to pursue discrimination cases.

Liberty. Liberty seeks to protect civil liberties and promote human rights for everyone. There is a useful section on Human Rights

The Public Law Project. An independent, national legal charity which aims to improve access to public law remedies for those whose access is restricted by poverty, discrimination or other similar barriers. Has a section with information leaflets.

Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS). Offers advice on employment rights and best practice for employers.

Her Majesty's Courts Service. Information leaflets and court forms on making monetary and non-monetary claims. Monetary claims can be made online

Employment Tribunals. Contains information about how to take a case to a tribunal.

Avon & Bristol Law Centre Draft Strategy for Taking on Cases Under EHRC Funding

The Law Centre has been awarded funding from the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) to provide advice and assistance in the areas of employment and goods and services in South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and Somerset.

Due to limited resources, the Law Centre has drafted the following strategy for dealing with all discrimination cases in the above region:

  1. The Law Centre does not represent employers, landlords or service providers.
  2. To advise and represent complainants (claimants) who have not got the capacity and/or ability to represent themselves.
  3. The case justifies it on the legal merits, i.e. they have an arguable case with a prospect of success over 60%.
  4. The case is complex with difficult legal arguments.
  5. The case has a strategic significance, i.e. it is likely to benefit the wider public.
  6. The case is in an area of key significance, e.g. health care, transport, housing, benefits and/or access to justice.

We would welcome constructive feedback from all interested groups on our proposed strategy. To contribute please contact the Law Centre in one of the following ways:

Fax: 0117 9248020
Minicom: 0117 9245573
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